When placed in a stainless steel casing, the efficiency of the clay tandoor inside the casing increases. The top of the tandoor can be custom designed, at an additional cost, to best suit your needs or to match the decor of your kitchen. You have the option of choosing the top of your tandoor from granites, tiles, cemented and stainless steel.

  • Terracotta clay
  • Grade 304 stainless steel grade
    (18 gauge for all 4 sides and 16 gauge steel for top)
  • Double insulation with high temperature resistant glasswool ( First insulation is between the walls of the drum, and second insulation is between the clay tandoor and the drum.)
  • Can serve a variety of businesses. It is best recommended for restaurants and banquets.
  • Comes in few standard sizes. Commonly used model is SSC32.
  • Portable
  • Charcoal and Gas
    (Our Gas ovens are certified to meet the international standards)
  • Indoors / Outdoor
    (Indoors it must be installed under ventilation hood)
  • Can be custom made in different sizes and design
  • Tile, Stone, Metal, Cement
  • 10 pieces of assorted skewers Top Mouth Cover and Cushion (gaddi)
  • Minimum 300 Kg
  • Yes
  • Charcoal tandoor is NSF certified Gas Oven is CSA standard
stainless steel round tandoor
stainless steel round tandoor